Joshua Baraka, the acclaimed artiste behind the hit song Nana, asserts that simply passing a copyright law will not be sufficient to elevate the Ugandan music industry to the level of their Nigerian counterparts.

In recent weeks, discussions regarding the fight for copyright law in the Ugandan music industry have sparked lively debates online.

United under the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), various artistes have come together to advocate for the passage of this law. Their collective goal is to streamline their sources of income and increase earnings from their creative works.

However, Joshua Baraka, an emerging star in the industry, suggests that while the intentions of the federation are commendable, they have overlooked some essential contributors in their efforts.

During a media interview, Baraka advised the UNMF to involve producers, directors, and other stakeholders in their endeavours.

Baraka further emphasised that even with the enactment of the copyright law, there is much more that needs to be done within the industry to compete with the Nigerian music scene, ultimately improving their overall lifestyle.

He expressed his dismay at the exclusion of producers, directors, and other key stakeholders from the musicians’ federation.

Baraka believes that a comprehensive approach involving all relevant parties is necessary for the industry to reach the same level of unity and success as their Nigerian counterparts.


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