As Richmond Promotions we are excited to announce the official dates for the 2nd edition of CLASS ABOVE as we host again the Uganda’s celebrated legendary Band the AFRIGO BAND on the 28th September 2024. Last year 2023 we hosted the band as they were celebrating 48th Anniversary in the game.

We are so thankful to all the partners we had on the previous event that happened on 23rd Sepetember at Royal Regency Hall, and the sponsors included WorldRemit,Team Papa Jasper,Mina Care,Organic Food Export,The Clif.

Now we are here to let you know as we bring the back, Book your tickets in time such that you be part of the the 2nd Edition experience, we are soon unveiling our official sponsors and partners.

Check Out Video Below For Last Year’s Experience


All Arrangements Completed Now We Are ready to party🕺💃🥁
23rd Sept At Royal Regency History will be written and witnessed as the Legendary Afrigo Band Celebrates 48th Anniversary in successful musical journey.
Onboard, they will be joined by the Mayor of Kyengera Town Council and Uncle Eddy Yawe
Allan Cruz aka Mama Brighton is also back again, this has never happened before in Europe and the UK in particular. For lovers of Live Music Performance from the rest of Europe; Holland, France, Denmark, Germany, Luxembourg, Sweden ETC We are pleased to ask to get your tickets in advance
Welcome to Ndoongo Ssemadongo, Come and Close It at the Royal Regency Hall.

As we ushers on the great men of “EMBOOZI MUKATI” from Kampala Uganda, join us at Wisteria for the mega family day out that is happening on 29th July, it’s a combination of Gossip Live Team and ME Media Ug that always bring to us the memorable interactive talk shows aiming at digesting National matters and major entertainment stories making rounds.

Frangon Forest Entertainment singer Alien Skin has teamed up with Clever J dropping a new song dubbed ‘Binyuma Bitya.’

For the last few weeks, Clever J has been appearing in several interviews expressing his disappointment with the Mayanja family for abandoning him.

This saw the Alien Skin-led Fangon Forest Entertainment embrace Clever J as his new family, and so far everything is working out well for him.

Following Alien Skin’s return from London, he joined teamed up with Clever J, dropping a brand-new song dubbed ‘Binyuma Bitya.’

“Binyuma Bitya,” is an upbeat song, produced by Lafitte and Shiddy Beatz, that encourages revellers to have fun no matter what.

According to reports, Clever J is currently trying to expand his music catalogue, ahead of his concert in the pipeline.

Listen to the audio below.

<iframe width=”786″ height=”442″ src=”” title=”Binyuma – Alien skin X Clever J ( official audio Music)” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Joshua Baraka, the acclaimed artiste behind the hit song Nana, asserts that simply passing a copyright law will not be sufficient to elevate the Ugandan music industry to the level of their Nigerian counterparts.

In recent weeks, discussions regarding the fight for copyright law in the Ugandan music industry have sparked lively debates online.

United under the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), various artistes have come together to advocate for the passage of this law. Their collective goal is to streamline their sources of income and increase earnings from their creative works.

However, Joshua Baraka, an emerging star in the industry, suggests that while the intentions of the federation are commendable, they have overlooked some essential contributors in their efforts.

During a media interview, Baraka advised the UNMF to involve producers, directors, and other stakeholders in their endeavours.

Baraka further emphasised that even with the enactment of the copyright law, there is much more that needs to be done within the industry to compete with the Nigerian music scene, ultimately improving their overall lifestyle.

He expressed his dismay at the exclusion of producers, directors, and other key stakeholders from the musicians’ federation.

Baraka believes that a comprehensive approach involving all relevant parties is necessary for the industry to reach the same level of unity and success as their Nigerian counterparts.